GP/XP Calculator

BXP Gear
Method GP/XP XP/H
Baby dragon bones -13.852 gp/xp 188.4k xp/h
Dragon bones -7.928 gp/xp 452k xp/h
Wyvern bones -91.281 gp/xp 313.9k xp/h
Adamant dragon bones -19.32 gp/xp 904.1k xp/h
Frost dragon bones -25.11 gp/xp 1130.1k xp/h
Rune dragon bones -30.21 gp/xp 1192.9k xp/h
Bones -21.464 gp/xp 22k xp/h
Wolf bones -204.598 gp/xp 22k xp/h
Bat bones -50.537 gp/xp 33.3k xp/h
Big bones -3.696 gp/xp 94.2k xp/h
Dagannoth bones -16.349 gp/xp 784.8k xp/h
Airut bones -15.639 gp/xp 831.9k xp/h
Impious ashes -256.786 gp/xp 25.1k xp/h
Accursed ashes -16.252 gp/xp 78.5k xp/h
Infernal ashes -9.025 gp/xp 392.4k xp/h
Tortured ashes -13.425 gp/xp 565.1k xp/h
Searing ashes -73.052 gp/xp 1255.7k xp/h
Jogre bones -38.018 gp/xp 94.2k xp/h
Zogre bones -16.792 gp/xp 141.3k xp/h
Fayrg bones -26.106 gp/xp 527.4k xp/h
Raurg bones -93.064 gp/xp 602.7k xp/h
Ourg bones -53.675 gp/xp 879k xp/h

Based on GE mid prices. Gilded altar assumes both burners lit. Salvation, Harmony or Corruption can be used instead of Wisdom. Alt account means having friends (or alts) trade you the bones.