GP/XP Calculator

BXP Gear
Bonus XP
Skill Method GP/XP XP/H
Rune 2hs1 +112.714 gp/xp 361.4k xp/h
Overloads4 -31.882 gp/xp 2651.6k xp/h
Frost bones3 -25.109 gp/xp 1130.1k xp/h
Rocktails2 +2.387 gp/xp 486.6k xp/h
Broad arrows -4.955 gp/xp 783k xp/h
Magic logs -0.907 gp/xp 365.8k xp/h
Air bstaves -4.014 gp/xp 394.9k xp/h
Yew trees5 -2.469 gp/xp
Mahogany tables6 -8.942 gp/xp 1068.5k xp/h
Silverhawk boots7 -22.063 gp/xp 72.9k xp/h

For more toggles, view the skill specific tables. Based on GE mid prices. Portable cost is never included. Bonus outfit includes modified head gear.
1 Scroll of efficiency and crystal hammer. 2hs sold at 37,300 ea.
2 Cooking gauntlets (lvl 94+), decorated urns and dwarven army axe.
3 Using gilded altar and pack yak.
4 Gp/xp includes making extreme pots. Xp/h is adding the torstol only
5 Using scroll of life, supercompost and without paying the farmer (~1/8 chance of tree dying, avg xp loss accounted for.).
6 Butler cost after completion of Love Story.
7 Level 98+ rates.