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Rules of Consentus
« on: September 18, 2012, 11:35:15 »

Consentus follow the Rules of Runescape as a high priority. Any form of rule breaking will be looked at by our staff, with the potential result being a ban from Consentus. If you have any concerns with any of our stated rules or the meaning of them, please do not hesitate to contact any staff.

The rules outlined below contain banning periods prior to the explanation of the rule. The set up for this is based on a first offence (after warnings) and then following offences, for example, a first offence may have the punishment of a month long ban whereas a further may result as permanent removal. The rules of Consentus are split into two main areas which cover firstly specific in-game rules, followed by specific forum rules.

Botting/Macro - Any clan member found to be using any of these illegal software advantages will be removed from our community. This is one of the issues Consentus highly frowns upon (3months/Permanent)

Real world trading - This area regards the act of buying or selling in-game gold or items for real currency. In addition to this, the buying and selling of accounts is also against in-game rules and therefore the rules of Consentus. This even includes between your friends (3months/Permanent)

Scamming - This is the most serious rule breaking staff will look in to. If evidence is provided of any tainted trust trades etc, immediate removal will be the punishment of this act. Consentus do not tolerate any abuse of trust(Permanent)

Account sharing - Accounts only are to be played by their original creator and this person only. Sharing an account with another person, no matter for the purpose, is not acceptable (3 months/Permanent)

Inappropriate language/conversations - At Consentus we hold a mature community. We allow the use of swearing, however if this style of language is aimed at another clan member or is excessive you will be asked to cease. In regards to inappropriate conversations, we must remember that Runescape allows players of all ages. Sexual content is discouraged; we have an Adult forum section for this. This issue is based on a warning system. You will be warned 3 times before being removed from the clan chat or forums; based on where the offence was made. Any further abuse of this rule will result in further punishment (1month/3months/Permanent)

Disruptive behaviour - Any behaviour which is intended to cause disruption or unrest within the clan will be stopped at the very start. This can include confrontational and uncivil behaviour. If you continue to disrupt the atmosphere, you will simply be removed. Consentus stands for harmony, we will do our up most to remain this. This issue is based on a warning system. You will be warned 3 times before being removed from the clan chat or forums; based on where the offence was made. Any further abuse of this rule will result in further punishment (1month/3months/Permanent)

Crashing or Pking - Whilst we understand that training spots and the wilderness are fair game, we kindly ask that you do not crash or player kill fellow members of Consentus. Please respect the wishes of your clanmates and be civil when training in the same areas. Any guests that join our clan chat with the sole intention of tracking and crashing/pking our members will be instantly banned. Whilst we may not ban clan members for this offence alone, if it becomes a repeat issue we may find reason to relate this to the disruptive behaviour rule and punish accordingly (1month/3 months/Permanent)

Hacking - Any clan member who attempts or succeeds at hacking another person will be dealt with very seriously. This abuse towards another person will be dealt with a harsh punishment of being permanently removed. This includes the intentional spread of viruses and keyloggers. This act will result in an immediate permanent ban (Permanent)

Ban evasion - Entering the chat when currently banned via the means of another account is not tolerated. If you are banned, it applies to all your accounts. Abuse of this will result in your ban being increased potentially.

Racism - The use of racist words or phrases will not be tolerated in Consentus. This ruling applies across all platforms where Consentus is represented, including our forums and third party programs like Discord. If the racist attack is aimed directly at an individual then you will be permenantly banned from the clan. Where usage of such words is more casual and lacks direction, you will be politely asked to cease and if the behaviour continues, a ban may be served at the discretion of the staff team.

Offensive language - Any posts which contain unsuitable language will be edited. Persistent use of this unneeded language will results in yourself being warned three time, followed by your permission to post being removed. This includes racist wording. Please take time to think before you post about the reception your comments will receive (24 hours permission removal/Week permission removal/Account deletion)

Disruptive behavior - Any intention of argument creating or encouraging will be deleted from the forums. This involves comments which challenge someone's patience or creates a negative atmosphere. You will be warned and if continued your permission to post being removed(24 hours permission removal/Week permission removal/Account deletion)

Shout box abuse - Spamming or inappropriate conversation in the shout box is not tolerated. Pointless shouts in addition will be deleted. The purpose of the shout box is for general chat and sharing. Abuse of this feature will consist of three warnings then permission removal (24 hours permission removal/Week permission removal/Permanent permission removal)

Inappropriate content - Posts/threads which are off-topic will be removed. Unsuitable conversations that take an offensive or sexual nature are not tolerated. Consentus' adult members can request access to the Adult Forum area. Please contact the staff team for this. Inappropriate content abuse will result in yourself being warned with permission removed if you continue to post in this way (24 hours permission removal/Week permission removal/Account deletion)

Malicious links/images - Any attempt to endanger another forum user with hazardous links will result in yourself being removed from both the forums (along with in-game). We hold account security at the up most and will not allow individuals to potentially put other at risk (Permanent)

Ban evasion - Changing your IP address and creating fake accounts to get around any form of ban will result in these new accounts being automatically deleted. Evading your ban will only end up worse on your behalf (Permanent)

Only make one account - Please only create one forum account. If you have forgotten your log in details a staff member will be able to assist you in recovering the account. Any extra accounts will be deleted.

If you have any concerns about any other clan member breaking these rules, please do not hesitate to contact Consentus staff. Please avoid publicising the queries you may have with this person, a simple private message with evidence attached will be appropriate. Thank you all for taking the time to read and agree to our clan rules, hopefully they will rarely need to be enforced.


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