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Dungeoneering Guide (Keying)
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:43:15 »
Taken from my thread on the RSOF.
QFC: 150-151-185-62881485

-Use personal gates to backtrack. Instead of dropping GGS in a gd, mark it and drop a personal gate while carrying GGS in your inventory. That way, if you're running a path and hit a skilldoor you can't do, you can drop gt and go back to your personal gate and help with the GD, then tell someone to gt and do it. If you had dropped GGS in the GD, you'd have to gate the skilldoor, move GGS there, and then run back to the GD and gate it.

-You don't have to see whats behind a door before moving GGS elsewhere. The fastest way to do a floor is not always taking a path until you hit a DE/Keydoor you don't have and then moving to another path. If there are two GD's on the map, when you're nearly finished with the first one ask someone to gate it, and someone else to move GGS to the other gd. Saves a good 5-10 seconds, since people can just GGS as soon as the first one is done and let you run the path, then you tell the person who gated the GD what is past it and what their gate is.

-Assign gates based on player's skill level. If you have a legend team with all pros, and one random person who completely sucks, ask him to gate a dead-end keydoor when you hit it, rather than asking the most capable person / person with the highest total on the team to gate it, making him useless (not really, but not living up to his potential kinda thing) until his key is found.

-Gate often. I'm talking any room that you're in that has two or more doors, drop a personal gate and carry GGS with you through one of the doors. Its annoying when you carry GGS into a DE and then have to run through three rooms with it to get back to where you were.

-Keep a free gate when you can, and try to only gate crucial paths or areas of the map. There will be times where you have to take a **** gate because no one else is around and it would be a time waste to move GGS there for someone else to gate it, but for the most part try to keep a free gate.

-Know what's going on with the floor. Srsly. Its not hard. If you have to, write down who gated what, where it is, etc. Know when GGS has to be moved before you get to the point where you're standing in a dead-end getting piled by monsters and asking what certain doors are. With a good team, players shouldn't have to be told what to do. But that doesn't mean its okay for you to have no idea what's going on while other people run the dungeon for you.


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