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Dungeoneering Guide (Non-Keying)
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:42:35 »
Taken from my thread on the RSOF.
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-GATE STUFF. I honestly don't understand how someone can go through an entire floor with a free gate. A good DGer will look for any opportunity they can to gate a key/pot door. Check your map and know all doors on the map; if a door is ungated and you have a free gate, offer to run to that door and gate it. Just because you've done your part and gated something which ended up leading to a dead end doesn't mean you can't pick up on the rest of the team's slack and run to further away ungated doors.

-Know the map. Don't just say to yourself "Okay I have Purple Wedge gated," know in your mind "Okay, Purple Wedge is northwest and it's going to lead to a lot of doors. The room we're currently at is going to lead to a dead end, so I should hold GGS and be ready to move it northwest." Some say it's a keyer's job to tell you these things, and it definitely doesn't hurt as a keyer to remind people, but things like this should be common sense still.

-Listen to/don't question your keyer. This is probably the most annoying one in my opinion. If you're at a guardian door that leads to one room, and you have a Guardian Door gated that leads to three rooms and the keyer tells you to move GT, that doesn't mean move GT after this GD. If that was the case he/she would tell you to hold GT. Just move it and let the keyer finish up soloing the GD if he wants to. Additionally, just because something isn't being done the way you'd probably do it if you were keying, doesn't mean its the wrong thing to do. Don't argue / tell the keyer what he should do, just listen to him. If you feel you could do better, then host your own floor when the current one is over.

-Carry GGS with you if you're on a one-way path and the keyer is busy in another area of the map. This doesn't mean to hold GGS the entire time so that the keyer has to ask you to drop it, just pick it up when your room is done, move it to the next, and drop it there. This can wind up saving a ton of time on long one-way paths.

-Prioritize with your gatestone placement. An example is, you have two key doors gated. Later on you find one of the keys and go open the door, and regate the other key door. The path that you just opened continues for 3-4 rooms, and then you hit a GD. At this time you should break your old gate and place it in the GD. That way when the keyer asks you to move GGS later on, you don't have to move it and then say "GD 3e1s" etc.

-Do not wander the map without a free gate. If your team is in a GD and there is a skilldoor in the same room but you don't have a free gate, ask somebody else to run the path if the keyer isn't there. That way you don't have to open multiple doors, go back to the GD, and ask a teammate to run the same path to gate it when they could've just solo'd the path in the first place. Additionally, if you see somebody running a path, don't follow them. It doesn't take three people to run and open skill doors until they hit a GD/DE.

-PICK UP KEYS IF THE KEYER ISN'T THERE. The keyer won't always be in every room every map. If he's off doing a path or soloing an easy GD, pick the key up and drop it on GGS. If he's carrying GGS, wait until you hit a GD or long puzzle room, such as push statues, blocks, etc. Don't drop it beside the keyer while he/she is running, because A: If they do see the key, they have to run backwards and grab it, slowing down the whole door-opening process, and B: They may have their map opened and not even see you drop the key.

-Don't waste time opening doors. It's pointless to stand at a door and wait for someone else to open it, because you don't want someone else to open it at the same time and force you into the room. Worst-case scenario is that you go in the room and get hit ONCE by whatever is in the room, and then GGS/walk back out. You can even teleport to your personal gate, and it will negate all damage if you time it right. Additionally, don't be afraid to be the first one in a GD/boss. Just run in, the others will follow you.

-Take a death. "But omg I can't die I'll lost my exp." Suck it up. The exp/h would be better if you took a death for full prayer/HP rather than leeching an entire boss. For most bosses, even with no food you shouldn't die more than once, maybe twice at the most with soulsplit.

-Don't skill. I know some people say you can skill while you're idle etc, but just don't do it. I've never understood why people waste time making armor in floors. Even with no plate you can easily go an entire floor without dying. It does require you be a little more cautious and not LEROYYYYY through rooms, but its still easily possible.

-You don't always need the keyer's permission to do something. If the entire team is at a DE, and you have a 3-way guardian door gated, I don't want to hear 'tell me when I can move.' Just pick it up and move it there. The problem with DG now is that people need the keyer to hold their hands throughout the dungeon.

-Key a few floors for yourself. You don't have to get to the point where you're keying constant 17 minute floors, but at least get the basics down and know what's going through the keyer's mind. A good team has 5 keyers with one person holding all the keys.

-Solo puzzles if you have the level, even if the room is dangerous. If the rest of the team is busy, don't interrupt them so that you can move GT to push stats because you don't want to die. Just solo them, take a death if you must, and let them continue on their path. Most of you have a Primal Plate bound anyways, so it's pretty hard to die even in dangerous rooms.

-Gather herbs (Valerian, Magebane, Lycopus, Sagewort, Wormwood, and Winter's Grip). This includes either picking them up from monster drops, or buying a seed within the first 5 minutes and waiting until you hit a Guardian Door with a patch in it. It's nice to have herbs ready for potions, and if you can plant them in a Guardian Door without wasting any time that could be spent doing damage, do it.

-Don't make melee potions. It's a pretty rare thing, but every once in a while I'll tell the team to GGS for boss and get "Sec making potions." Potions really don't help all that much, especially not for the time spent making them. The only time I can think of it being a good idea to make a potion for boss, is if only one of your teammates has a Hex and you have Necrolord boss. Then you could make him a ranged potion, but normally the people with Hexes just suicide Necro anyways, so a potion wouldn't do much good.


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