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Major Security Issue (Mice/Keyboards)
« on: January 12, 2018, 19:39:18 »
Working with IT security irl, I suppose I would shoutout to the members on the forums as well.

"MouseJack is a class of vulnerabilities that affects the vast majority of wireless, non-Bluetooth keyboards and mice. These peripherals are 'connected' to a host computer using a radio transceiver, commonly a small USB dongle. Since the connection is wireless, and mouse movements and keystrokes are sent over the air, it is possible to compromise a victim's computer by transmitting specially-crafted radio signals using a device which costs as little as $15."

Article about the issue:

Basically, if you have a wireless keyboard/mouse from specific vendors you can be affected.

Not all the devices have received a firmware update from the manifacturer.

Note: You can only update 1 receiver at a time, so be sure only to have 1 plugged. The firmware updater will also tell you if you have more than 1 connected.



You can find the same links on the article.

I would advice against using any of the mice/keyboards which do not have a fix yet.


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