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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #240 on: June 18, 2022, 19:47:54 »
Quiz written by @Haseo . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Spontaneous Trivia 16

Q1. What special item can be found in the engraved sarcophagus in Pyramid Plunder? Note: No abbreviations.
A1. Sceptre of the Gods

Q2. How many days are in a fortnight?
A2. 14

Q3. This baked/fried turnover pastry is quite popular in Spanish-speaking countries.
A3. Empanada

Q4. What is the antithesis of despair?
A4. Hope

Q5. The Dagannoth Kings are comprised of how many kings?
A5. 3

Q6. Roughly how many times larger is the speed of light compared to the speed of sound?
A6. ~882,350x larger (Note: v_light = 300,000,000 m/s; v_sound = 340 m/s)

Q7. How many days of the week end in the letter -y?
A7. 7

Q8. From what minigame can one obtain a gnome scarf?
A8. Gnome Restaurant

Q9. In what country did the macaron originate?
A9. France

Q10. How many toes are on a human foot?
A10. 5

Q11. On what continent would you find Haliaeetus leucocephalus?
A11. North America (Note: It's a bald eagle)

Q12. A hexagon has how many sides?
A12. 6

Q13. How much GP can a mahogany chest hold in your POH?
A13. 1M

Q14. In computing, what does RAM stand for?
A14. Random Access Memory

Q15. In sleeping, what does REM stand for?
A15. Rapid Eye Movement

Q16. Is this question number even or odd?
A16. Even

Q17. This serpent-entwined rod wielded by a Greek diety is associated with healing and medicine.
A17. Rod of Asclepius

Q18. In what country did German chocolate cake originate?
A18. United States

Q19. How many known moons does Pluto have?
A19. 5 (Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, Hydra)

Q20. This controversial baked good is the combination of a bagel and a muffin.
A20. Mufgel

@Charles JM - 20 points
@Halferr - 16 points
@Perngwern - 15 points
@ogs back - 10 points
@BegMore - 8 points
@Steph - 7 points
@synorith - 5 points
@Selc0uth - 4 points
@Statue - 4 points
@Powerfulfart - 3 points
@zzib - 2 points
@Laggspikes - 1 point

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #241 on: June 25, 2022, 19:50:56 »
Quiz written by @ogs back . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Psychology

Q1. Which tests yields clues to a person’s inner feelings?
A1. Projective tests

Q2. What Greek philosopher believed that the mind or soul was separate from the body?
A2. Aristotle

Q3. In what year was Behaviorism introduced?
A3. 1913

Q4. The word psychology comes from what two Greek words?
A4. Psyche and logia

Q5. The learning process by which a response becomes associated with a new stimulus is called?
A5. Conditioning

Q6. Gestalt psychology developed as a reaction against what?
A6. Structuralism

Q7. Who developed the method called ’free association’?
A7. Sigmund Freud

Q8. What is the study of the nervous system called?
A8. Neuroscience

Q9. What was Plato comparing in The Allegory of the Cave?
A9. The effect of education and the lack of it on our nature.

Q10. According to the social brain hypothesis, each person can effectively deal with social interactions between how many people in their life?
A10. 150

Q11. How is natural selection related to psychology?
A11. Human behavior promotes survival.

Q12. Charles Darwin's work inspired what type of psychology?
A12. Evolutionary Psychology

Q13. According to Freud, the super ego is a consequence of working through what?
A13. Oedipus Complex

Q14. Approximately how many neurons does the human brain have?
A14. ~86 billion

Q15. Memory is prioritized by emotion. True or False?
A15. True

Q16. A temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking up is what sleep disorder?
A16. Sleep paralysis

Q17. When this drug is consumed by a human, their hippocampus is impared at a cellular level; thus resulting in amnesia?
A17. Alcohol

Q18. Approximately what percentage of human decisions are made on a subconscious level?
A18. ~95-97%

Q19. Heritable traits, such as IQ, cannot be altered by experience. True or False?
A19. False

Q20. What philosophical theory states that we are responsible for creating purpose or meaning in our own lives?
A20. Existentialism

@Alizadeh - 17 points
@Chickasaw - 11 points
@masj3 - 9 points
@Holy Witch - 8 points
@zzib - 4 points
@Azlin - 3 points
@BegMore - 3 points
@Pandrex - 3 points
@Thing_Dude - 3 points
@Charles JM - 2 points

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #242 on: July 09, 2022, 19:53:52 »
Quiz written by @Germ366 . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Random-ish Trivia

Q1. “Call me Ishmael”, is the first line of what book, and by whom?
A1. Moby Dick, Herman Melville.

Q2. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”, is a line from what book, and by whom?
A2. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens.

Q3. “The very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.”, is a line from what book, and by whom?
A3. Love and Friendship, Jane Austen

Q4. Actor Christopher Lee (Count Dooku in Star Wars & Saruman in LOTR) was a part of what branch of the UK Military?
A4. Royal Air Force (RAF)

Q5. What is interesting about the clothes that Edgard Allan Poe was wearing when he died?
A5. They belonged to another person.

Q6. What was the original name of the Monopoly Man?
A6. Milburn Pennybags | Uncle Pennybags | Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Q7. What character from the “Spyro” series most resembles the Monopoly Man?
A7. Mr. Moneybags | Moneybags.

Q8. The term ‘pyrrhic victory’ relates to King Pyrrhus of what ancient country?
A8. Epirus.

Q9. What group did King Pyrrhus defeat?
A9. The Romans.

Q10. The scenic parts of the LOTR movies were all filmed in what country?
A10. New Zealand.

Q11. What is the name of the currency of New Zealand?
A11. The New Zealand Dollar.

Q12. Actor Christopher Lee is the only person who worked on the LOTR movies to have met what famous novelist?
A12. J. R. R. Tolkien.

Q13. The Konami code was first used in what game, and on what console?
A13. Gradius, NES.

Q14. What game popularized the Konami Code?
A14. Contra.

Q15. What is the Konami Code?
A15. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

Q16. Why is the Konami Code sometimes called the 30 Lives Code?
A16. Using it gives you 30 lives in the original Contra game.

Q17. The largest amount of gold in the world is contained in what building in the USA?
A17. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Q18. The United States Bullion Depository is next to what military installation?
A18. Fort Knox.

Q19. What is the currency of the German-speaking microstate Liechtenstein?
A19. The Swiss Franc.

Q20. What are the only two countries that drive on the left-side of the road in South America?
A20. Guyana and Suriname.

@W1nglock - 17 points
@agnorasis - 16 points
@Selc0uth - 15 points
@Elder Zuedos - 14 points
@Solchi - 11 points
@Perngwern - 8 points
@rsruinedme - 6 points
@BegMore - 4 points
@Halferr - 4 points
@Egdod - 3 points
@synorith - 2 points

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #243 on: July 16, 2022, 20:01:49 »
Quiz written by @Only Lilly . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Summer Beach Event!

Q1. What year was the Summer Beach Party introduced into the game? 
A1. 2015

Q2. Which title was unlocked when you completed 10 terror bird races?   
A2. The Feathered

Q3. Who runs the Sandcastle Building? 
A3. Foreman George

Q4. How many ice creams can one eat in a single day? 
A4. 3

Q5. Which area is run by Nigel?
A5. Barbeques (BBQ)

Q6. What type of fish are caught in the rockpools? Note: Be specific.
A6. Raw Tropical Trout

Q7. Which beach activity gives you Ranged XP? 
A7. Coconut Shy

Q8. What else is deposited here for Farming XP? Note: Be specific.
A8. Tropical Coconuts

Q9. Which guest is present for the Wizard's Sand Tower? 
A9. Archmage Sedridor

Q10. How many floors can you stay in the dungeoneering hole with no cocktail? 
A10. 20

Q11. What is the item called that any member can attack/loot when it is placed?   
A11. Summer Pinata

Q12. How many life points does Clawdia have? 
A12. 10,000,000

Q13. How many times do you have to sit on each deckchair to get the deckchair resting emote? 
A13. 10

Q14. Name the 4 actions at the body building spot.
A14. Curl, Lunge, Fly, Raise

Q15. Which cocktail will give you 300% extra base xp when picking tropical coconuts? 
A15. Palmer Farmer

Q16. Who runs the hook a duck stand? 
A16. Sarah

Q17. How many times do you need to kill Clawdia to get the Lifeguard Title? 
A17. 50

Q18. Who or what is Phoebe? 
A18. A Jellyfish

Q19. What happens every weekend from 12:00 game time on Friday until 12:00 game time on Monday? 
A19. Heatwave

Q20. What date does the beach finish this year? 
A20. 31st July

@Danny - 22 points
@rsruinedme - 15 points
@sai xD - 12 points
@Selc0uth - 11 points
@Laggspikes - 8 points
@Butterkist - 6 points
@Handsome - 6 points
@Kofal - 4 points
@looneymoon - 4 points
@Elder Zuedos - 3 points
@Steph - 2 points
@Dalianor - 1 point

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #244 on: July 17, 2022, 02:19:39 »
very fun quiz @Only Lilly  well done! was a bit worried it was going to be about real life beaches!  ;D


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #245 on: July 23, 2022, 19:41:33 »
Quiz written by @rsruinedme . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Clannies!
Note: Full RSN required for answers.

Q1. Which 2 clannies are our discord admins?
A1. SaiXD + Dr Floof

Q2. Which 2 clannies own a blood dyed Fractured Staff of Armadyl?
A2. FlufyPandrex & Rsruinedme

Q3. Which clan member has attended more events than anyone else?
A3. ShaneGoesArd

Q4. Which clan member was the first to own the new Bow of the Last Guardians?
A4. Pavise

Q5. Which clan member has the highest rank on highscores for achievements?
A5. Blitzekrieg

Q6. Which staff member 'wrongfully' thinks Fishing is the best skill on Runescape?
A6. Only Lilly

Q7. Which 3 clan members commonly host the raids event? Note: Must get all 3 correct for any points.
A7. Mog, Deliever, Haseo

Q8. Which clannie has killed Zamorak at the highest enrage?
A8. Windragon

Q9. Who is currently top of the leaderboard for Skilling Tuesdays?
A9. Laggspikes

Q10. Which clan member is the closest to joining the 5.6B XP club?
A10. Cherrycrush

Q11. Which clan member has completed the most hard clues?
A11. Begmore/Bylook

Q12. How many clan members have 5.6B XP?
A12. 18

Q13. Which clan member posts his cooking recipes on the offsite?
A13. Ogs Back

Q14. Which clan member destroyed his meme by achieving max cape?
A14. Zzib

Q15. Which clannie won Most Talkative 2021 at the annual awards?
A15. Germ366

Q16. Which clannie loves to pinch a bum or 50?
A16. Sol Angelica

Q17. Which clannie used to do the Daily Newsletter?
A17. Dasein

Q18. Which clan member won Clan Clown for the 2021 annual awards?
A18. Rsruinedme

Q19. Which clan member is the highest ranking on the official highscores?
A19. Billy/Hatin

Q20. Which clannie spooned the "of the praesul" title?
A20. Grandnewby

@Pandrex - 23 points
@sai xD - 22 points
@Tommykillme - 14 points
@Only Lilly - 13 points
@Charles JM - 12 points
@FleurR3belle - 9 points
@Coups - 5 points

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #246 on: July 30, 2022, 19:51:18 »
Quiz written by @masj3 . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Runescape in Numbers
Note: All answers will be numbers.

Q1. What is the total level of a new player?
A1. 37

Q2. How many lunar spells can you unlock from travelling merchant (or livid farm if you are that livid)?
A2. 11

Q3. How many quests do you need to complete at minimum to enter Prifddinas?
A3. 20

Q4. What is the highest level Prayer you can use without having curses?
A4. 70

Q5. How many Quest Points are required to enter the Champions' guild?
A5. 33

Q6. What is the lowest possible highest level in one skill to enter the Max Guild garden?
A6. 85 (if all quests are completed)

Q7. Completing the quest Shield of Arrav gives how many kudos as a reward?
A7. 5

Q8. How many treasure trail points does the full globetrotter outfit cost?
A8. 4950

Q9. What Slayer level is required to get an assignment from Chaeldar?
A9. 1 (only 1 slayer but also 75 combat)

Q10. There are 14 beacons for All Fired Up. How many of those are inside the Wilderness?
A10. 5

Q11. What year did Menaphos become accessible to enter?
A11. 2017

Q12. According to the Beasts tab in game, how many bosses are there in total?
A12. 46

Q13. How many inventory slots can you have in total with the best BoB familiar?
A13. 60 (28+32 with pack mammoth)

Q14. How many music tracks do you need to unlock the Air Guitar emote?
A14. 500

Q15. What Herblore level is required to make a Super Antifire potion?
A15. 85

Q16. What Smithing level is required to smelt Necronium bars?
A16. 70

Q17. What year did the quest Dragon slayer release?
A17. 2001

Q18. What level are you when you have 1M XP in a normal skill?
A18. 73

Q19. What is the high alch value of a large plated rune salvage?
A19. 32000 (or 32k)

Q20. What is the sum of all answers from questions 1 to 19?
A20. 42069

@Antz - 24 points
@Nubwick - 22 points
@Ani_Elydda - 12 points
@Raytraced - 11 points
@Mr_Mc_Murray - 8 points
@zzib - 6 points
@Only Lilly - 4 points
@SweatyVetty - 3 points
@agnorasis - 2 points
@Pandrex - 2 points
@Flukey asf - 2 points
@synorith - 2 points
@SelfishGene - 1 point
@Holy Witch - 1 point
@IVIog - 1 point

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #247 on: August 06, 2022, 19:42:03 »
Quiz written by @rsruinedme and hosted by @rsruinedme

Q1) what do you all a group of rattlesnakes?
A1) rhumba

Q2) who was the author of book 50 shades of grey
A2) EL james

Q3) which vitamin are you like if you have the disease scurvy?
A3) vitamin C

Q4) name henry the VIII's 5th wife
A4) catherine howard

Q5) chris martin is the lead singer of which band?
A5) Coldplay

Q6) which sports tournament took place in rio in 2016
A6) summer olympics

Q7) which female tennis star was suspended in 2016 for failing a drugs test?
A7) maria sharapova

Q8) in what year did facebook purchase whatsapp for 22billion dollars
A8) 2014

Q9) name of a female donkey
A9) a jenny

Q10) what colour is most attractive to mosquito's
A10) blue

Q11) what does the abbreviation F O M O stand for?
A11) fear of missing out

Q12) what is the only national flag that isn't 4 sided?
Q12 Nepal

Q13) worlds largest steel arch bridge?
A13) Sydney harbour bridge

Q14) What animal is on the badge of a ferrari
A14) horse

Q15) How many triple-word scores on a scrabble board?
A15) 8

Q16) What was the sorcerers name in fantasia?
A16) yensid

Q17) Alektorophobia is the fear of what?
A17) chickens

Q18) what animal is pumba in the lion king?
A18) warthog

Q19) what city was the titanic built in?
A19) Belfast

Q20) who sang the song, space odyssey?
A20) David Bowie

@Raytraced - 23 points
@Charles JM - 17points
@Danny - 15points
@ShaneGoesArd - 11points
@Selc0uth - 8 points
@Elder Zuedos - 6 points
@T EE MO - 4 points
@Plegsie - 2 points
chickasaw - 1 point
@Butterkist - 2 point
@Halferr  - 1 point


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #248 on: August 13, 2022, 19:54:18 »
Quiz written by @Haseo . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - RS3 Trivia

Q1. What are the 4 colors of balloons from the 300M Party Event?
A1. White, Blue, Purple, Gold

Q2. What skill's cape colors is brown and green? (Note: No abbreviations)
A2. Woodcutting

Q3. How much lacquer is required in total to make full Superior Death Lotus armour?
A3. 240

Q4. This rare Invention component is used to get the Taunting perk.
A4. Knightly components

Q5. Who is the Slayer Master found in Lumbridge? (Note: Spelling counts)
A5. Jacquelyn

Q6. What Ranged weapon requires 75 Ranged and 61 Firemaking to use?
A6. Hand cannon

Q7. Which defensive ability has the highest Defence level requirement? (Note: No abbreviations)
A7. Natural Instinct (85 def req.)

Q8. How many types of Runecrafting staves are there?
A8. 14

Q9. What is Raksha's title?
A9. the Shadow Colossus

Q10. What does one disassemble to acquire Brassican components?
A10. Cabbage

Q11. To unlock the full Armour of Trials requires how many Quest Points?
A11. 125

Q12. What Slayer level is required for Rush of Blood?
A12. 85

Q13. What is the maximum number of charges the enchanted water tiara can hold?
A13. 500,000

Q14. Which Slayer Master can be found exploring Anachronia? (Note: Spelling counts)
A14. Laniakea

Q15. What boss drops Cryptbloom equipment? (Note: No abbreviations)
A15. Croesus

Q16. How many types of Most Wanted cards are in the game?
A16. 4

Q17. What is the highest tier salvage obtained from drops?
A17. Necronium

Q18. What title is obtained from completing Raksha's drop log?
A18. the Shackled

Q19. What tasty treat must be delivered to King Awowogei for MQC/Trim?
A19. Chimp Ice

Q20. What is the strongest 2h slash weapon in RS3? (Note: No abbreviations, spelling counts)
A20. Ek-ZekKil

@rsruinedme - 19 points
@ShaneGoesArd - 19 points
@Raytraced - 17 points
@Powerfulfart - 9 points
@Bardenpho - 8 points
@masj3 - 5 points
@Cap_Hatfield - 4 points
@LazyTuesday - 4 points
@T EE MO - 4 points
@synorith - 3 points
@Jaden VI - 3 points
@Chickasaw - 2 points
@solangelica - 2 points

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