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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
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Quiz written by @Haseo . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Spontaneous Trivia 16

Q1. What special item can be found in the engraved sarcophagus in Pyramid Plunder? Note: No abbreviations.
A1. Sceptre of the Gods

Q2. How many days are in a fortnight?
A2. 14

Q3. This baked/fried turnover pastry is quite popular in Spanish-speaking countries.
A3. Empanada

Q4. What is the antithesis of despair?
A4. Hope

Q5. The Dagannoth Kings are comprised of how many kings?
A5. 3

Q6. Roughly how many times larger is the speed of light compared to the speed of sound?
A6. ~882,350x larger (Note: v_light = 300,000,000 m/s; v_sound = 340 m/s)

Q7. How many days of the week end in the letter -y?
A7. 7

Q8. From what minigame can one obtain a gnome scarf?
A8. Gnome Restaurant

Q9. In what country did the macaron originate?
A9. France

Q10. How many toes are on a human foot?
A10. 5

Q11. On what continent would you find Haliaeetus leucocephalus?
A11. North America (Note: It's a bald eagle)

Q12. A hexagon has how many sides?
A12. 6

Q13. How much GP can a mahogany chest hold in your POH?
A13. 1M

Q14. In computing, what does RAM stand for?
A14. Random Access Memory

Q15. In sleeping, what does REM stand for?
A15. Rapid Eye Movement

Q16. Is this question number even or odd?
A16. Even

Q17. This serpent-entwined rod wielded by a Greek diety is associated with healing and medicine.
A17. Rod of Asclepius

Q18. In what country did German chocolate cake originate?
A18. United States

Q19. How many known moons does Pluto have?
A19. 5 (Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, Hydra)

Q20. This controversial baked good is the combination of a bagel and a muffin.
A20. Mufgel

@Charles JM - 20 points
@Halferr - 16 points
@Perngwern - 15 points
@ogs back - 10 points
@BegMore - 8 points
@Steph - 7 points
@synorith - 5 points
@Selc0uth - 4 points
@Statue - 4 points
@Powerfulfart - 3 points
@zzib - 2 points
@Laggspikes - 1 point

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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
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Quiz written by @ogs back . Hosted by @Haseo .
Topic - Psychology

Q1. Which tests yields clues to a person’s inner feelings?
A1. Projective tests

Q2. What Greek philosopher believed that the mind or soul was separate from the body?
A2. Aristotle

Q3. In what year was Behaviorism introduced?
A3. 1913

Q4. The word psychology comes from what two Greek words?
A4. Psyche and logia

Q5. The learning process by which a response becomes associated with a new stimulus is called?
A5. Conditioning

Q6. Gestalt psychology developed as a reaction against what?
A6. Structuralism

Q7. Who developed the method called ’free association’?
A7. Sigmund Freud

Q8. What is the study of the nervous system called?
A8. Neuroscience

Q9. What was Plato comparing in The Allegory of the Cave?
A9. The effect of education and the lack of it on our nature.

Q10. According to the social brain hypothesis, each person can effectively deal with social interactions between how many people in their life?
A10. 150

Q11. How is natural selection related to psychology?
A11. Human behavior promotes survival.

Q12. Charles Darwin's work inspired what type of psychology?
A12. Evolutionary Psychology

Q13. According to Freud, the super ego is a consequence of working through what?
A13. Oedipus Complex

Q14. Approximately how many neurons does the human brain have?
A14. ~86 billion

Q15. Memory is prioritized by emotion. True or False?
A15. True

Q16. A temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking up is what sleep disorder?
A16. Sleep paralysis

Q17. When this drug is consumed by a human, their hippocampus is impared at a cellular level; thus resulting in amnesia?
A17. Alcohol

Q18. Approximately what percentage of human decisions are made on a subconscious level?
A18. ~95-97%

Q19. Heritable traits, such as IQ, cannot be altered by experience. True or False?
A19. False

Q20. What philosophical theory states that we are responsible for creating purpose or meaning in our own lives?
A20. Existentialism

@Alizadeh - 17 points
@Chickasaw - 11 points
@masj3 - 9 points
@Holy Witch - 8 points
@zzib - 4 points
@Azlin - 3 points
@BegMore - 3 points
@Pandrex - 3 points
@Thing_Dude - 3 points
@Charles JM - 2 points

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