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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #150 on: August 16, 2020, 11:18:27 »
Disney is my jam! :D


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #151 on: September 05, 2020, 20:50:11 »
Quiz written by Haseo. Hosted by Haseo.

Q1. In what year did humans first land on the Moon?
A1. 1969

Q2. What was the name of the first man-made satellite, and what year did it launch?
A2. Sputnik, 1957

Q3. Who first proposed the idea of Heliocentrism?
A3. Aristarchus of Samos

Q4. In what year was NASA established?
A4. 1958

Q5. What famous astronomer was the first to observe Jupiter's moons?
A5. Galileo

Q6. Who was the first person in space?
A6. Yuri Gagarin

Q7. The robotic arm aboard the ISS was contributed by which space agency?
A7. Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Q8. What famous astronomer wrote three laws for planetary motion?
A8. Johannes Kepler

Q9. In mythology, what constellation is known as "the Hunter"?
A9. Orion

Q10. The very first telescope was made in the early 1600s. What type of telescope was it?
A10. Refracting

Q11. In what year did Newton state his three laws of motion?
A11. 1687

Q12. People originally believed the Earth was the center of the universe. What was this model called?
A12. Geocentrism

Q13. What famous physicist predicted that black holes "evaporate" over time?
A13. Stephen Hawking

Q14. In what year did Einstein propose his theory of special relativity?
A14. 1905

Q15. In what year was the speed of light defined exactly?
A15. 1983

Q16. What famous astronomer proved that some "nebulae" were actually galaxies?
A16. Edwin Hubble

Q17. What famous astronomer created an astronomical catalog of nebula and star clusters?
A17. Charles Messier

Q18. In mythology, what constellation pursued "the Hunter"?
A18. Scorpius (Scorpio)

Q19. What branch of astronomy focuses on the origin of the universe?
A19. Cosmology

Q20. Calendars used to be set by the Sun/Moon cycle. Who first reformed the calendar to base it off 365 1/4 days?
A20. Julius Caesar

@starfire - 25 points
@SelfishGene - 11 points
@FleurR3belle - 8 points
@Adam sektor 116 - 7 points
@Dasein - 5 points
@smugs - 5 points
@Halferr - 3 points
Cran Berry - 3 points
@Selc0uth - 2 points
@BegMore - 1 point
@M 3 H - 1 point
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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #152 on: September 12, 2020, 21:10:10 »
Runescape themed: Hosted by Sissy. Written by Joe.

1. Name the achievement you get for surging 1 tile.
A: I Meant To Do That

2. What is the Zamorakian society that discovered the Infernal Source?
A: The Order of Dis

3. What to the goblins refer to Bandos as?
A: Big High War God

4. Who tries to kill the Grand Tree with Daconia rocks?
A: Glough

5. The magic witch doctor of the Herblore Habitat.
A: Papa Mambo

6. How many codex pages does it take to create a tradable double-surge codex?
A: 750

7. Yakamaru used to be a spiritual guardian of Mazcab until it was corrupted by who?
A: The Airut Shaman

8. Vorago, Solak, Telos, and Seiryu - are all creations of what?
A: Anima Mundi

9. Who did Guthix slay to ascend to godhood?
A: Skargaroth

10. These Guthixian extremists on kidnapped villagers to recreate a new Guthix.
A: Order of Ascension

11. This boat was used to travel to Anachronia
A: The Stormbreaker

12. Bilrach created a chamber under what location to attempt to bring Zamorak back?
A: Daemonheim

13. What item do you need to enter the Ancient Prison of the God Wars Dungeon?
A: Frozen Key

14. The Silverlight sword turns into the Darklight after which quest?
A: Shadow of the Storm

15. The killer in One Piercing Note is based on what real monster in the game?
A: Ripper Demon

16. Evil Bob previously kidnapped players and brought them to his island named what?
A: ScapeRune

17. Speaking of random events.  What year and month were they removed from the game?
A: October 2012

18. what combat-oriented minigame is hosted by the Abyssal Knights?
A: Shattered Worlds

19. What the name of Gielinor's moon and nexus of all planes?
A: Zanaris

20. The Queen Black Dragon was the first creation of which Dragonkin?
A: Kerapac

@starfire 22
@Aqua 4
@Dasein 19
@Rune God 33
@SirHarsh 9
@oh reapz 12
@LifePoints 11


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #153 on: September 12, 2020, 21:11:33 »
thanks for the quiz! always fun:D


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #154 on: September 13, 2020, 18:39:53 »
Tolkien themed Quiz: Written by @Tomarnomar . hosted by Sissybear
Date: August 29th (sorry its late >.>)

Q1: Who is Gimli's father?
A1: Gloin
Q2: What is the name of the dragon in the Hobbit?
A2: Smaug
Q3: What is the name of Aragorn's sword?
A3: Narsil
Q4: What is the name of Arwen's grandmother on her mother's side?
A4: Galadriel
Q5: How was Boromir killed?
A5: Shot by three arrows
Q6: Where do the Nazgûl reside?
A6: Minas Morgul
Q7: How many Hobbits are in the Fellowship?
A7: 4
Q8: Who was Sauron's Master?
A8: Morgoth
Q9: What is the name of the Elf king of Mirkwood?
A9: Thranduil
Q10: What is Frodo's armour made of?
A10: Mithril
Q11: Where do the Elves leave to from the Gray Havens?
A11: Valinor
Q12: Who are the wielders of the elven rings?
A12: Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf
Q13: What is the elven name of Rivendell?
A13: Imladris
Q14: What is the name of Isildur's father?
A14: Elendil
Q15: How many dwarves came to Bilbo's house?
A15: 13
Q16: Who created the Silmarillions?
A16: Feanor
Q17: What was the name of Elrond's brother?
A17: Elros
Q18: Who was the king of Rohan?
A18: Theoden
Q19: What is the other name of Golum?
A19: Smigol
Q20: How many wizards came to Middle Earth?
A20: 5


@Only Emilia 36
@Powerfulfart 22
@M 3 H 14
@IllustriousCactus 1
@FleurR3belle 1
@rsruinedme 8
@Dasein 3


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #155 on: October 10, 2020, 20:54:26 »
Quiz written by Haseo. Hosted by Haseo.
Theme - Science/Math Trivia

Q1. What subatomic matter particle has a positive charge?
A1. Proton

Q2. What branch of math focuses on the properties of shapes and size?
A2. Geometry

Q3. To 2 decimal places, approximately what is pi?
A3. 3.14

Q4. What natural science focuses on the study of life and living organisms?
A4. Biology

Q5. Our atmosphere is mostly comprised of what element?
A5. Nitrogen

Q6. What is the process plants use to convert sunlight into energy?
A6. Photosynthesis

Q7. Who is credited for the name 'Calculus' in mathematics?
A7. Leibniz

Q8. When humans breathe, what gas do they exhale?
A8. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Q9. Approximately how many bones are in an adult human body?
A9. 206

Q10. What organ in the human body is responsible for sight?
A10. Eyes

Q11. What branch of math focuses on the manipulation of math symbols to solve problems?
A11. Algebra

Q12. Approximately how many years ago was the first trace of trigonometry?
A12. About 4,000 years

Q13. What elements make up water?
A13. Hydrogen and Oxygen

Q14. What math operation is used to count permutations? (Hint: symbol used is !)
A14. Factorial

Q15. What elementary particle is massless and moves at the speed of light?
A15. Photon

Q16. What subatomic antimatter particle has a positive charge?
A16. Positron

Q17. What system in the body is responsible for your sense of balance and spatial orientation?
A17. Vestibular System

Q18. What social science focuses on the study of the mind and behavior?
A18. Psychology

Q19. How many constellations are in the night sky?
A19. 88

Q20. What is 1 + 1?
A20. 2

@Halferr - 42 points
@Dasein - 15 points
@Hephaesthus - 13 points
@Elephantus - 9 points
@Mr Tennis - 9 points
@Powerless - 6 points
@Woofs - 5 points
@W1nglock - 3 points
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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #156 on: October 17, 2020, 21:03:22 »
Quiz written by Haseo. Hosted by Haseo.
Theme - Anime

Q1. What anime features the main character, Ash Ketchum?
A1. Pokemon

Q2. What is the name of Ed's brother in Fullmetal Alchemist?
A2. Alphonse Elric

Q3. Lelouch is the main character of which anime?
A3. Code Geass

Q4. This character is a ninja wearing orange w/ blond hair. Who are they?
A4. Naruto Uzumaki

Q5. What anime features students trying to assassinate their teacher?
A5. Assassination Classroom

Q6. Who is the main character in Bleach?
A6. Ichigo Kurosaki

Q7. This anime features Deku, who wants to become a hero. What anime is this?
A7. My Hero Academia

Q8. This anime takes place in the magical land of Fiore, in a particular wizard guild. What anime is this?
A8. Fairy Tail

Q9. This character went by Kira, and killed his victims w/ a notebook. Who is this person?
A9. Light Yagami

Q10. What is the name of Tanjirou's sister in Demon Slayer?
A10. Nezuko Kamado

Q11. The main character of this anime uses a scissor blade as a weapon. What anime is this?
A11. Kill la Kill

Q12. What anime features the main characters, Kirito and Asuna?
A12. Sword Art Online

Q13. In this anime, all conflict is situated through high-stake games. What anime is this?
A13. No Game No Life

Q14. This character is a hero that solves problems w/ one punch. Who are they?
A14. Saitama

Q15. What anime uses song/music to destroy the aliens called Noise?
A15. Symphogear

Q16. In this anime, it is a student's goal to create a Death Scythe. What anime is this?
A16. Soul Eater

Q17. This hero can only use a shield to fight. What is his name?
A17. Naofumi Iwatani

Q18. In this anime, humans and Beastmen have been at odds, forcing Beastmen into hiding and developing their own city. What anime is this?
A18. BNA: Brand New Animal

Q19. This anime features Kazuma, trying to survive his new life in a new world. What is the name of the mage in his party?
A19. Megumin

Q20. What anime does my name, Haseo, come from?
A20. .hack//Roots

@starfire - 24 points
@Rune God - 20 points
@sheepprobe - 20 points
@M 3 H - 9 points
@Ryun Stark - 9 points
@Aqua - 5 points
@Olly - 5 points
@Wrthlss Noob - 5 points
@NeonDumpling - 2 points
@TerryDaedric - 2 points
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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #157 on: October 25, 2020, 17:08:22 »
What came first Quiz- 10/24/20
Written by @cabel89. hosted by Sissybear

1.) Which came first : Steam car, Submarine or Circular saw?
2.) Which came first : Birth control pill, WWII or Theory of relativity?
3.) Which came first : WWII, Sinking of the Titanic or Hillary climbs Mt. Everest?
4.) Which came first : The sinking of the Lusitania, Frozen food or Polio Vaccine?
5.) Which came first : Bubble gum, Civil War or Sewing machine?
6.) Which came first : The piano, Krakatau explodes or The pistol?
7.) Which came first : Henry the eighth is king, Napoleon becomes emperor or Christopher Columbus discovers America?
8.) Which came first : The storming of the Bastille, The Russian revolution or Penicillin?
9.) Which came first : The Civil War, The pistol or Amundsen reaches the North Pole?
10.) Which came first : Kodak camera, Woodrow Wilson's inauguration or the Titanic sinks?
11.) Which came first : Thomas Jefferson takes office, the statue of Liberty comes to America or nitro-glycerine is invented?
12.) Which came first : The 100 Year War, the first crusade or Aristotle dies?
13.) Which came first : The bubonic plague (the Black Death) reaches Europe, Pizarro goes to Peru or the polio vaccine?
14.) Which came first : The microwave oven, insulin was discovered or Nixon takes office?
15.) Which came first : The Vietnam War, Kennedy is killed or the Hindenburg burns?
16.) Which came first : The Wright Brother’s flight, Queen Elizabeth takes the throne or Franklin Roosevelt takes office?
17.) Which came first : Charlemagne conquers Germanic lands, Queen Victoria dies or Alexander the Great conquers Babylonia?
18.) Which came first : WWII, the first nuclear plant goes on-line or Mt. St. Helens erupts?
19.) Which came first : The Berlin Wall comes down, the Andrea Doria sinks or Reagan takes office?
20.) Which came first : The Russian Revolution, WWII or Eisenhower takes office?

1.) Steam car - The steam car was invented in 1770.
2.) Theory of relativity - The theory of relativity came out in 1905.
3.) Sinking of the Titanic - The Titanic sank in 1912.
4.) The sinking of the Lusitania - The Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine in 1915.
5.) Sewing machine - The sewing machine was invented by Howe in 1846.
6.) The piano - The piano dates back to 1709.
7.) Christopher Columbus discovers America - He sailed for Spain.
8.) The storming of the Bastille - The storming of the Bastille took place on July 14 1789.
9.) The pistol - Mr. Colt’s Pistol was developed in 1836.
10.) Kodak camera - Kodak camera has been around since 1888.
11.) Thomas Jefferson takes office - Jefferson took office in 1801 as the 3rd President.
12.) Aristotle dies - Aristotle died in 322 BC.
13.) The bubonic plague (the Black Death) reaches Europe - By 1350 half the population had died.
14.) Insulin was discovered - Banting and Best discovered insulin in 1922.
15.) The Hindenburg burns - The Hindenburg disaster occurred on May 6th 1937.
16.) The Wright Brother’s flight - This historic flight took place at Kitty Hawk.
17.) Alexander the Great conquers Babylonia - Alexander the Great's sons expand this empire - 522 BC
18.) WWII - WWII began in 1939.
19.) The Andrea Doria sinks - She sank in 1956 off the coast of Nantucket.
20.) The Russian Revolution - The Tsar was forced to abdicate in 1917.


@Halferr 39
@smugs 7
@Ryun Stark 15
@Laggspikes 24
@Selc0uth 1
@White497 4
@Danny 6
@Aqua 3
@FleurR3belle 2
@TerryDaedric 3
@Smol Ashlyn 2
@rsruinedme 5
@Marbian 1


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #158 on: October 31, 2020, 19:43:06 »
Quiz written by Ryun Stark, Hosted by Ryun Stark.
Theme - Halloween

Q1: In which Country did Halloween Originate?
A: Ireland

Q2: What was the name of Draculas Sidekick?
A: Renfield

Q3: Who wrote the Novel Frankenstein?
A: Mary Shelley

Q4: Transylvania is a region in which country?
A: Romania

Q5: Is a pumpkin a fruit, or a vegetable?
A: Fruit

Q6: Which country celebrates the day of the dead at midnight Oct 31st?
A: Mexico

Q7: In which US State is it illegal to dress like a nun or priest for halloween?
A: Alabama

Q8: What is the original name for what we now call candy corn
A: Chicken feed

Q9: What is the first name of Dr. Frankenstein?
A: Victor

Q10: What colour cat is a symbol of Halloween?
A: Black

Q11: What is a withes mode of transportation
A: Broomstick

Q12: What famous magician died on halloween?
A: Harry Houdini

Q13: What type of creature is shrek?
A: Ogre

Q14: What were Jack O' lanterns originally made from?
A: Turnips

Q15: What might you "bob" for on halloween?
A: Apples

Q16: Solve the Anagram: "agent verso"
A: Gravestone

Q17: What is the name of the child in Monsters Inc?
A: Boo

Q18: Morticia and Gomez are main characters from which film?
A: The Adams Family

Q19: What is a group of witches called?
A: A Coven

Q20: In the nightmare before christmas, what is jacks dog called?
A: Zero

Starfire: 32.
TerryDaedric : 30.
1quilla1: 2
Aquanoise: 2
Citizen Naab: 1
Only Lilly: 4
Selc0uth: 9
Sh4unoo: 2
Rsruinedme: 7
Mr No Tennis: 10
A Radish: 9


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #159 on: November 08, 2020, 18:22:19 »
Quiz - Written and hosted by Sissybear
Quiz Topic - Guess who sang this song

Q1. Stairway to heaven
A1. Led Zeppelin

Q2. Hoten California
A2. The Eagles

Q3. Smells like Teen Spirit
A3. Nirvana

Q4. Billie Jean
A4. Michael Jackson

Q5. Hey Jude
A5. The Beatles

Q6. Sweet Child O'Mine
A6. Guns N' Roses

Q7. Imagine
A7. John Lennon

Q8. One
A8. U2

Q9. Bohemian Rhapsody
A9. Queen

Q10. Like a Rolling Stone
A10. Bob Dylan

Q11. Your Song
A11. Elton John

Q12. London Calling
A12. The Clash

Q13. Heartbreak Hotel
A13. Elvis Presley

Q14. Over the rainbow
A14. Judy Garland

Q15. Creep
A15. Radiohead

Q16. Respect
A16. Aretha Franklin

Q17. A day in the life
A17. The Beatles

Q18. Yesterday
A18. The Beatles

Q19. Dancing Queen

Q20. No Woman No Cry
A20. Bob Marley


@Danny 17
@starfire 18
@rsruinedme 23
@Rakehell 3
@Ryun Stark 6
@oh reapz  1
@Wrthlss Noob 7
@TerryDaedric 3
@Dasein 22
@Only Lilly 5
@grandwestham 1
@Alaklondewen 3
@Real Kiwi 2


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #160 on: November 08, 2020, 18:50:36 »
Felt the need to introduce you to this  [-(


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #161 on: November 08, 2020, 18:53:17 »
Felt the need to introduce you to this  [-(

I didn't pick the version of One that was on the list.... I looked up famous songs and the one by U2 was the one that was on the list @Danny


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #162 on: November 15, 2020, 20:42:19 »
Quiz written and hosted by Sissybear

Q1. What is Barbie, the doll's full name?
A1. Barbie Mallicent Roberts

Q2. Who provided the voice for Dory in the finding nemo films?
A2. Ellen Degeneres

Q3. Which former Doctor who actress plays Nebula in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises
A3. Karen Gillian

Q4. Which Iconic singer was known as the king of pop?
A4. Michael Jackson

Q5. Which Bond film was released in 2006, starring Daniel Craig?
A5. Casino Royale

Q6. Who wrote Jungle Book?
A6. Rudyard Kipling

Q7. What is a baby Kangaroo called?
A7. Joey

Q8. Which cartoon character lives in a pineapple under the sea?
A8. Spongebob

Q9. How many dwarves does Snow White live with?
A9. 7

Q10. whats the national flower of Japan?
A10. Chrysanthemum

Q11. What is the name for a female fox?
A11. Vixen

Q12. Which football team is known as the Red Devils?
A12. Machester United

Q13. How many ghosts visit Scrooge in a christmas carol?
A13. Four

Q14. what is the Scoville scale used to measure?
A14. Pungency

Q15. According to legend, Who was King Arthur's wife?
A15. Guinevere

Q16. What kind of Greek bread is used in a gyro?
A16. Pita bread

Q17. Which movie was Pixar's first feature-length film?
A17. Toy Story

Q18. Which majestic mountain range would you find in Switzerland?
A18. The Alps

Q19. What is the name of the group Justin Timberlake used to be part of?
A19. N' SYNC

Q20. Which spooky TV series has an alternate universe called the upside down?
A20. Stranger Things


@starfire 26
@ieatcrayonz 2
@grandwestham 3
@rsruinedme 16
@Mr Tennis 2
@W1nglock 7
@Ryun Stark 11
@FleurR3belle 6
@IllustriousCactus 15
@Selc0uth 3
@Level 25  4
@Coups 6
@Only Lilly 3
@HDColuhrs 8
@Dasein 6
@Aqua 2


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Re: Weekly - Clan Chat Quiz
« Reply #163 on: November 21, 2020, 19:52:51 »
Quiz written by Haseo. Hosted by Haseo

Topic: Space/Astronomy

Q1. What does the ISS stand for?
A1. International Space Station

Q2. This planet only takes 88 Earth days to revolve around the Sun.
A2. Mercury

Q3. This planet is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
A3. Venus

Q4. As of today, how many crewmembers are aboard the ISS?
A5. 5

Q5. What is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe?
A5. Helium

Q6. How many years have we had continuous human presence in space?
A6. 20

Q7. What fundamental force determines the motion of celestial objects?
A7. Gravity

Q8. This planet also goes by the name Gaia. How many moons does it have?
A8. 1

Q9. Who developed the famous formula: E = mc^2?
A9. Albert Einstein

Q10. In km/s, approx. what is the speed of light?
A10. 300,000 km/s

Q11. What color stars are classified as being "hot"?
A11. Blue or White

Q12. The Sun is approx. how many light-minutes away?
A12. 8 light-minutes

Q13. This planet is known for having the Great Red Spot.
A13. Jupiter

Q14. What fundamental state of matter are stars?
A14. Plasma

Q15. How many constellations are recognized by the IAU?
A15. 88

Q16. What is the name of Pluto's largest moon?
A16. Charon

Q17. What term describes a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer?
A17. Event Horizon

Q18. What process does a star use to generate energy?
A18. Nuclear Fusion

Q19. What planet in the Solar System harbors life?
A19. Earth

Q20. How long does it take the ISS to orbit Earth?
A20. 90 minutes

@starfire - 34 points
@Grandnewby - 16 points
@SelfishGene - 15 points
@Aqua - 8 points
@Maxine C - 7 points
@Spiffy - 6 points
@Bosch - 3 points
@Officer Papi - 3 points
@Selc0uth - 1 point
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