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Weekly - Capping
« on: February 23, 2020, 03:36:06 »

We know that collecting resources in the Citadel can be a bit of annoying task, mainly because there is nobody around to talk to or keep you company. If you feel like this, then feel free to join us every Sunday same time, same place. Here you will find a great portion of our clan members filling their cap, and having great fun with each other and not to mention faster capping!!


Every Sunday 18:00 Gametime


Clan Citadel (accessible via the portal in Falador clan camp or Prifddinas)




■ Obtaining and maintaining a fealty rank 3 will maximise the xp you can earn through capping (15% increase per rank). To obtain higher ranks you will have to fully cap on consecutive weeks (1 rank per week).
■ You can activate a weekly buff (using the stone at the avatar pool) that you can either use for a further Xp increase (2% per fealty rank) or rapidly increase the resource gathering rate by 50% (halving the time it takes to cap).
■ Once you have partially capped (around half the weekly cap) you will be able to claim extra bonus Xp in a chosen skill from the quartermaster (located in the Keep) in addition to claiming even more xp from interacting with the clan cloak.

Additional Note the weekly Xp buff applies outside of the citadel so be sure to have this active once you have capped!!



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