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Clan News - MAY
« on: June 14, 2022, 20:51:05 »
Welcome to the Clan News for MAY 2022

*written by F.Pandrex*


PVM Bingo is now Finished!


A HUGE congratulations to TEAM 3 The Wolfpack for taking the victory on the 1st day of DXP.
After some huge brain plays and some sneaky stuff they managed to finish of the BINGO with a Raksha Shadow Spike! What a Nice way to end it! Use it to stick the victory card to your wall!
Mahfoud, synorith, ijamie, ceejaysaurus, sad ye, windragon, coups, teemo, a flame, and haseo

Special Thanks to the efforts of team 2 (Them mind games love em @Renz) small bit of greediness bit them in the ass.
Special Thanks to Team 1 For the hard work many hours and little bit of spoons which just came up short.
Special Thanks to Team 3 for not giving up even after the harsh debuffs!

And a very special thanks to M O G and Jamie for hosting this incredible event!
Hope to see a new one soon <3

Daily newsletters!

Wanne see whats happening in the clan on a daily basis?
Go check out the amazing Daily Newsletter of Dase!
He likes to put some puns and jokes in it. A MUST SEE!

On top of that he gives you a wonderful tip of the day to get good :D


Oyster Competition

This month winners areee ...... Drumrolssssss....!
Taadaahh with A suprising win just showing up!
Sadly enough Masj3 got the lowest casket :( better luck next month.

Test out your luck in the discord!
Thank you for this awesome addition JAMIE


Clan Instragram

We love your in game pics, doesn’t matter what it is, or where you are, we want to see it.
Take the shot, change filters etc, whatever you feel. Then post to Discord “Clan Instagram”

Some of them will even get onto our proper Instagram and if really lucky get the prestigious “like” from Runescape itself.

Keep them coming


Consentus Events

There are always plenty of events every week, ranging from Boss masses to Hunting Penguins, and of course our legendary Daily Divine Yews

These are always posted on the offsite home page and also in Discord "events"

If you want to suggest  an event, there is a Discord thread coincidentally called "Events Suggestions" for you to post in


Chill & Skill in Discord - Hosted by Laurisaurus!

Another new event is Chill and Skill, these events will be running every two weeks and starting at 19:00 Game Time

So come along for some social and skilling fun - doesn't matter if you're killing a boss or doing some portable skilling.


Friday 20th May 2022 @ 20:00 Game Time


Hosting portables at Well of Goodwill W25
The Dino Lady will be in the General Mature Chat Voice Channel in Discord


Bring your amazing selves along to the voice channel and have a skill in mind to train!

Let her know if you need a specific portable so she can get that set up for you.



Consentus Real Life Events

Amsterdam 7-20 April 2022

For obvious reasons this is now on hold because of all the Covid issues, hopefully one day it will return to the menu.


Clan BBQ - Leicester 12-14 August 2022

The clan BBQ is ON.........

We are able to get cheap hotel rooms, but you will need to pay up front.
We will have the BBQ on the Saturday and Alton Towers on the Sunday

If enough interested, we could on the Saturday book an escape room.

Head over to the forums for details and to let us know if you are coming.



Consentus – OldSchool Runescape

Consentus is back on Old School! We’re now several months in, and things are steadily moving along.  Word is spreading of what we offer; a warm and vibrant community, which has piqued the interest of more than a few people. As our numbers grow, so will our ability to offer new and exciting events and other amenities to our members.

If you or any of your friends play Old School Runescape - please feel free to join or guest in the chat! We love seeing new names pop up and treat everyone as if they are our own.

Old School Runescape is a massive and exciting community. With (quite literally) a world of its own. Cities, characters, and quests that you cannot see in the main game. Give it a shot sometime! You may just enjoy yourself.

Contact @Sissybear for more details or join Consentus's adventures on OSRS


The 5.6's

No new members this month. We have a couple of members with over 5b xp so could be more soon.

We now as a clan have an astonishing 18 members of the 5.6b xp


Allowing Alts In The Clan

There has been always been a rule of "no alts in the clan" however there has been a vote regarding this in the recent months and it has been agreed to allow this to now happen.

It should however be an alt that is quite active and only "Should space allow ofc"

At the moment we have so many new people joining and have been unable to accomodate Alts.


New Members

Welcome to all our new forum members in MAY 2022! Thank you for choosing Consentus and we hope you enjoy it here with us!

What A busy month <3  <3

(click to show/hide)

As always, apologies if i've missed anyone.



DXP Was upon us so damnnnn THEM GAINS! Big gratz on whether its your first 99 or your last 200m, its always worth celebrating! A huge congratulations to the following:

(click to show/hide)


Member of the Month - MAY 2022

A huge congratulations to this month’s Member of the Month – UNIT TIMMY

You go boy! We love you for being so chatty in the cc and being a help to everyone in need! Keep up the good work!


Pro and Noob of the Month - April 2022

Pro is obviously the member who gains most xp in the previous month, Noob is for the closest above 250k.

Massive gratz to this months winner....

Pro of the Month: By Look  with a WHOPPING   430,195,649 XP   (Thank god for dxp <3)

Noob of the Month:17braddd   240,143    XP (skipping DXP like a BOSS!)


Consentus Merch!

Just a small reminder that we have Clan Merchandise! Rest assured that we don't make any money off this. This is just our way to spread our clan spirit with all of you. The merch is designed with a black, white or iconic logo. Click this link to start shopping!



Our Discord Server is a huge success. DrFloof's does a lot of hard work in maintaining it. If you haven’t joined and would like to, click below! We encourage you all to make full use of it.


So many different channels for you all to use and comment on, See ya on Discord :)


Contact someone from the media team if you want anything filmed. Please note this is for “ingame” stuff and for legal reasons we have to keep it respectable!!!

If you would like to have an achievement filmed please let us know on this thread



WhatsApp Groups

We have a WhatsApp Group available for all our members – if you would be interested in joining, please contact @Only Lilly.

We also have a Women’s Whatsapp Group as well – please contact @Laurisaurus if you would like to join.


Social Media

Feel free to look at our social media pages!   

We have them all "instabook, twitergram, facetube"   



From Staff
We have some HUGE Announcements.

We will start of with the sad news.
Sadly enough due to IRL responsibilities the following people will be taking a step down so they can focus on that.
We wish them the best of LUCK and hope to see them soon again.
THANK YOU TASHOONY for the wonderful screesnshots!
THANK YOU Plegsie For Just being THE Bro

NOW For the GOOD or even GREAT news.

We would like to Welcome LAUREN as a NEW OWNER. OMG LET'S GO. Lets freak the freak out!
Big props To Laurens for this more then deserved promotion after all the effort and energy she puts in to just keep a smile on our faces!
You might even say its been so long she's doing this it dates back to even before the stone ages :O.

As another GOOOD News!
Laggspikes is BACK ON THE STAFF team. Standing ovation for my Team 2 Bro. good to have you back!

Upcoming Updates

June will be the beginning of the end of the ELDER GOD WARS. Where will it end? Who will be tehre ? What will they do :O?
Stay tuned and Get excited!

Fredje - F.Pandrex

PSSorry if there are any writing mistakes :3


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thanks as always for the clan news xxx


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Ha! I got a honourary mention. Nice.


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thank you for the news :)


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thank you for Newssss


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thanks for the clan news!


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thanks for the clan news! I love the way you write it.


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thanks for a lovely news :)


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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thanks fo r the news :)


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Re: Clan News - MAY
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Thanks for the news!


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