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Clan News - April 2021
« on: May 01, 2021, 14:55:50 »

    Welcome to the Clan News for April 2021!

    Hello Consentusers (Consentians?..)

    Somehow April has already come and gone, and along with the Spring blooms came The Returned!
    It was a sad time with so many of our clannies impacted by the lock out, but we're so happy to have you all back.

    For anyone that missed it, we've had a few staff changes:

    @Jj oo ee yy is now a senior in our wonderful Socialites team,
    @Plegos and @xaiyainumaki have joined the Events team.
    @cheeslets has decided to step down from the Socialites but is still very much part of the clan - thank you for all of your help Chees!

    Could you be the next Socialite?

    Speaking of Socialites, we're looking for some more people to join the team, if it's something you think you'd be interested in, click below to find out more and apply.



    As always we've got lots going on each and every month, whether you're a skiller, a PVMer or like to get chatty on Discord, we've got you covered.

    Clue Bingo Ends

    Team Nex and Team AOD went head to head in this months Clue Bingo. Both teams got off to a flying start, but Team Nex hit a full house first and took the win.

    Sign up for Skill War

    After a rather last minute announcement from Jagex of the upcoming (and very lengthy) DXP, we'll be postponing the Skill war.
    HOWEVER, we're still accepting sign ups, so make sure you put your name down if you want to join in. Skills will be Fishing, Mining and Runecrafting.


    Raids Update

    By popular demand we've expanded our bi-weekly Sunday and Wednesday BeastMaster Raids nights to include the Danger Noodle/Water Snek /AKA Yakamaru!

    To sign up for raids head to the #pvm-hosting channel in the Consentus Discord Server.

    ~We'd love to see more people joining raids, so whether you're a seasoned pro or a PVM noob - we'd love to have you! If you're new to any of the monsters or mechanics, just let the organiser know in advance and they'll be able to talk you through it.~

    If you only fancy doing BeastMaster we can organise a BeastMaster only raid if there's a popular demand for it. Just let us know!


    New Ranking System!

    The team have been looking at our current ranking system behind the scenes, and you'll notice this has changed slightly.

    Don't be alarmed no one has been demoted, in fact lots of people were promoted after the change \:D/

    Here's a quick overview of the new point system, and you'll find more info in the link below.

    -Signing up to the Forums is 50 Points
    -Every Forum Post is 1 Point
    -Every Month you are a member of the Clan you will get 2 Points
    -Every 5 million Clan Xp you will get 2 Points
    -Joining the Clan Discord will get you 30 Points
    -Levelling up in Discord per Level is 2 Points
    -Attending an Event 10 Points
    -Hosting an Event 30 Points


    Reaper Masses

    Get together and get your reap on. Every two weeks on Fridays @ 19:00 GMT, we'll be heading to the big dogs (or angels or spideys or beasts or Gods...) to get through Death's hit list.

    Sign up on the #reaper-mass channel on the Consentus Discord.


    As mentioned earlier, we have a loOoOoOong DXP coming up on Monday 3rd 12:00 GMT, running all the way until Monday 24th May 12:00 GMT. You'll get 48 hours within those dates to spend your XP, we're looking forward to seeing your gains!

    As always please remember to take regular breaks to stretch and hydrate. (Xaiyaa will be on the case to remind you <3 ).

    Puzzle Events

    A quick FYI that Puzzle Events will be happening every two weeks after DXP.

    Skill of the Week!

    As of April, @greggorzz  @Laggspikes & @Clue  sit pretty at the the top of the Skill of The Week leaderboard.

    Next week we dive into Crafting week, so get your gems and leathers at the ready!

    Check out the leaderboard at the link below or keep up to date on the #skill-of-the-week Discord channel.


    New Members

    Welcome to all our new members from April 2021! Thank you for choosing Consentus, we hope you enjoy it here with us. We're always here to help so please feel free to ask questions in our forums, Discord, or clan chat.

    @Erk McPhilz

    Clan Waiting List

    You'll probably have seen the waiting list being mentioned here and there but just a quick reminder of how it works.

    Anyone wanting to join the clan can be added to the waiting list by staff or clan helpers, but they MUST be signed up to the off-site and/or on Discord. This way we can quickly and easily contact them when a space becomes available.


    Congrats on everyone's awesome achievements this month, we can't wait to see what you all churn out during DXP!

    [99's Achieved]
    Sir Hoffs → 99 Hunter, Fishing & Prayer
    Stumpy Leg → 99 Prayer
    Phdman Pure → 99 Attack, Strength & Construction
    Thesis RS → 99 Mining, Woodcutting & Dungeoneering
    Worst Waifu → 99 Divination & Archaeology
    Grandnewby → 99 Farming
    PoppinMolly → 99 Smithing & Mining
    ZombieR → 99 Woodcutting, Mining & Divination
    Smol Aqua → 99 Defence
    Tailes → 99 Archaeology, Firemaking, Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining & Cooking
    DrVoicu → 99 Attack & Strength
    BlueWonder → 99 Slayer
    Pernida → 99 Archaeology
    Xaiyaa → 99 Ranged
    Souls R us → 99 Mining
    Broddders → 99 Herblore, Agility, Attack, Summoning, Strength, Hunter & Prayer
    NoxiousArts → 99 Construction & Smithing
    Slayer Wolf → 99 Archaeology
    Blueted → 99 Agility & Archaeology
    Djensen → 99 Archaeology
    Sad_ye → 99 Divination, Ranged, Slayer & Prayer
    Rscaqe → 99 Archaeology & Fishing
    Blazeanatomy → 99 Runecrafting
    Silky007 → 99 Crafting
    iwz → 99 Firemaking & Woodcutting
    Mini Mog → 99 Cooking
    powerfulfart → 99 Herblore
    BestGuyJordi → 99 Archaeology
    Sir Harsh → 99 Attack, Strength & Magic
    Kaylee770 → 99 Mining & Fishing
    Sleepy Laura → 99 Strength, Slayer & Attack
    Deadly Barbi → 99 Ranged
    ButcherHots → 99 Archaeology
    Narochh → 99 Fletching
    AsoIem → 99 Archaeology
    iJamie → 99 Slayer
    Diesel Inc → 99 Ranged, Constitution & Magic
    Ashclaw → 99 Farming, Mining & Magic
    Tjall → 99 Ranged
    Sir MacDaddy → 99 Crafting
    ClayCapes → 99 Divination
    HelmySkin → 99 Slayer
    Only Matt → 99 Slayer
    Deoxygenate → 99 Slayer

    [Max Total level Achieved]
    Kesky → 2898 Overall
    Gangstar War → 2898 Overall
    Clue → 2898 Overall

    [120's/Comps/200Ms Achieved]
    Bal jr → 120 Ranged
    MrHxC → 120 Slayer & Archaeology
    Greggorzz → 120 Archaeology & Herblore
    rosebud → 120 Magic & Archaeology
    DJSmlth II → 120 Defence, Archaeology, Constitution & Slayer
    Nast Alleg → 120 Slayer
    BOZNMATE → 120 Farming
    Runeseeker79 → 120 Prayer
    Germ366 → 120 Invention
    Chumey → 120 Cooking
    BegLess → 120 Ranged
    Koriandr → 120 Farming
    Slayer Wolf → 120 Mining
    Coups → 120 Smithing
    Laggspikes → 120 Woodcutting
    Rscaqe → 120 Defence
    MrBirk → 120 Farming
    Kesky → 120 Farming
    Moominko → 120 Magic & Defence
    Batreeky → 120 Defence
    HolyPanda → 120 Slayer
    Br ad → 120 Herblore
    M4ximillian → 120 Fishing & Defence
    Juicy Soup → 120 Defence
    Monkulus → 120 Defence
    Wing Wong → 120 Woodcutting & Defence
    Gangstar War → 120 Farming
    Clue → 120 Farming
    Bristol → 120 Thieving
    Play Ranges → 120 Dungeoneering
    Ageos → 120 Ranged
    Proud Polak3 → 120 Archaeology
    Deoxygenate → 120 Invention
    LifePoints → 120 Mining
    Just Niks → 120 Invention
    Juicy Soup → Completionist Cape
    Mrs Brabant → 200M Firemaking XP
    rosebud → 200M Defence XP
    Nast Alleg → 200M Farming XP
    Agile Smarti → 200M Defence & Archaeology XP
    Tserofniar → 200M Archaeology XP
    Halferr → 200M Smithing XP
    Amwenn → 200M Woodcutting XP
    Blitzekrieg → 200M Woodcutting, Attack & Strength XP
    Moominko → 200M Archaeology XP
    RsRuinedMe → 200M Mining XP
    Butterkist → 200M Fishing XP
    S t e p h → 200M Fishing & Magic XP
    Wing Wong → 200M Slayer XP
    Muad Dave → 200M Constitution XP
    Bristol → 200M Constitution XP
    Zelon → 200M Defence XP
    Klevitz → 200M Woodcutting XP
    Shunbud → 200M Invention XP

    Member of the Month - April 2021

    Congrats to @bloodsmom2 for being our Member of the Month!

    You're a brilliant example of what being in a clan is all about, with your positivity, willingness to help, and friendly nature, your presence in Consentus is so appreciated. Thanks for sticking around <3

    Pro & Noob of the Month - April 2021

    The busiest bee and the bee that maybe collected too much nectar and needed a nap, this months Pro and Noob of the month are:

    Pro of the Month: @Mattwox  (281,714,906 XP)
    Noob of the Month: @CalmCosmos  (266,291 XP)

    Forum Awards

    Don't forget, if you want to jazz up your forum account you can add badges to show your achievements! Unfortunately they don't get added automatically, but you can request them by going to the link here and using the code as formatted below.


    (click to show/hide)

    Consentus Merch

    Just a small reminder that we now have Clan Merchandise! We don't make any money off this, it's just our way to spread our clan spirit with you all. The merch is designed with a black, white or iconic logo.



    Our Discord Server is a huge success and it's thanks to @Joe's hard work in maintaining it. If you haven’t joined and would like to, click below! There are channels for events, announcements, information, and lots of great chat, so we encourage you to make full use of it.

    Clan Instagram

    We have a thread in our forums (below) and on Discord in the #clan-instagram channel for you to share your skills and kills on the clans Instagram @Consentusclan

    Monthly Recap

    Welcome to another Monthly Installment of @Alaklondewen's recap videos! You can find it below:

    If you would like to have an achievement filmed please let us know on this thread

    Whatsapp Groups

    Want to keep the chat going when you're offline? Why not join our Whatsapp groups?

    General group - Contact @Only Lilly to be added
    Ladies Night Group - Contact @Laurisaurus to be added

    Social Media

    Feel free to look at our social media pages, and make sure you give us a big LIKE when we make it to RuneScape's main pages.


    From Staff

    Whether you've Returned, been holding down the fort, or are new to Consentus, thank you for being part of the family, and thanks for reading this months wrap up.

    -The Consentus Team <3


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #1 on: May 01, 2021, 15:08:54 »
    Amazing job on the newsletter @xaiyainumaki - thank you!

    Congratulations to @bloodsmom2 on Member of the Month! Well deserved 🥰

    Here's to another month guys - I wonder who will gain the most over DXP 🤔


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #2 on: May 01, 2021, 15:10:35 »
    Thanks so much for the news! And congrats @bloodsmom2 on motm! Well deserved <3


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #3 on: May 01, 2021, 15:13:53 »
    Thanks lots for the update and woohoo @bloodsmom2 <3


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #4 on: May 01, 2021, 15:23:51 »
    Great post cheers for the updates :)!


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #5 on: May 01, 2021, 17:17:44 »
    Congratulations @bloodsmom2


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #6 on: May 01, 2021, 17:54:32 »
    Thanks for the news! Congrats to @bloodsmom2 for MotM! Well deserved :3

    ~The Terror of Death~


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #7 on: May 01, 2021, 18:47:46 »
    Congrats @bloodsmom2! :D And thanks @xaiyainumaki for the great newsletter :)


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #8 on: May 01, 2021, 20:31:49 »
    This is an amazing newsletter! also congratulations to you @bloodsmom2 !
    Here's to a great DXP. Hope everyone enjoys their gainz!


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #9 on: May 01, 2021, 20:48:26 »
    Great News and congratulations @bloodsmom2 on Member of the month, well deserved


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #10 on: May 01, 2021, 21:42:03 »
    Thank you for newsletter. Congrats @bloodsmom2 on member of the month!


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #11 on: May 02, 2021, 08:54:11 »
    Thanks for another great month 😁


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    Re: Clan News - April 2021
    « Reply #12 on: May 02, 2021, 16:35:31 »
    Thank you much for the news!

    SUUUEEE!!  Congrats on Member of the Month!  You're so deserving!  Ever since you've been here, you've been a major pillar in what we hope to see in all of our members.  We adore you and cannot thank you enough for all you've done. 


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