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October 23rd

23 October is a date in the Gregorian calendar. In Gielinor, the date is equivalent to 6 Novtumber.

Below are RS updates/events that occurred on this particular date:

• 2017 – Game update: Patch Week - PvM & Skilling
• 2015 – Behind the Scenes: BTS Video - Gauntlet of Souls
• 2013 – Feedback: Prestige Poll Results
• 2006 – Game update: Would you like to see My Arm?
• 2002 – Game update: Updates galore!





Consentus Timeline

  • Consentus created

    Lilly, Barbie and At Ge form Consentus on the founding values of respect and harmony. Within weeks the clan has 100 members and flourishing forums.

    18 September, 2010
  • Tier 7 Citadel

    Tier 7 Citadel is finally achieved after slaving away harder than Spartacus (voluntarily)!

    15 June, 2013
  • Staff improvements

    Several improvements were made to how the clan run is run. Each clan owner is responsible for a team of staff members. Each team is on a weekly rotation of responsibilities to promote a balanced workload.

    22 August, 2015
  • Anniversary & new website

    Consentus has its five year anniversary celebrated with a bunch of big events and a brand new website.

    18 September, 2015
  • Top 100 reached

    For being a clan with no requirements, top 100 is pretty awesome!

    26 September, 2015
  • Citadel finished

    With great coordination and voluntary capping, the citadel stands proud with everything, including all cosmetic plots upgraded.

    7 November, 2015
  • 500 clan members

    After almost 6 years, the clan is still growing stronger, reaching 500 clan members for the first time, with the vast majority being active within 3 months.

    9 May, 2016