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Re: Mini Nub's G&A V2 [Ironman Progress]
« Reply #210 on: August 12, 2017, 17:30:52 »
It's certainly been a while since I've updated this thread, so, what has happened since then?
  • Front page updated, for those interested
  • Sold my slayer/boss tab, was finally able to buy a Noxious Scythe.
  • Currently 20 Rod-o-matic's away from 200M invention.
  • After 200M invention, I will probably go for 200M Slayer and combat skills.
  • Every noteworthy drop (such as broadcasts), will be sold and turned into spirit shards so I don't lose any profit

Main Account Progress;

Kill 170, third leg completed  \:D/

Ironman Account Progress;

Thanks to @DeltaDirac, for taking me to Bandos for my reaper assignment, I was able to get some pretty decent items within 12 kills...


Meanwhile, after finishing a Kalphite Queen reaper assignment...Pet #2

The hunt for the Guthan's Platebody continues

Chest 322

Chest 341

Chest 358 <3

Chest 360

Chest 365

Quest Progress!

Prifddinas by the end of the month - Woot!

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